Sunday, April 19, 2015 Customer Satisfaction Guarantee pledge

We realize it's a little unusual, but at we are now introducing a customer satisfaction guarantee. Success or your money back, even on downloadable, non-returnable products.
Ever since we started our business back in 2000, we - like other sites that sell downloadable products - have operated with a policy of "after the product has been downloaded, you can't go back on your purchase". It is (or at least, it was) the norm for downloadable products. Just try to get a refund / exchange from iTunes after you've downloaded an album from them!

However, we have come to feel that this approach is a little "last decade", so we are changing our stance on this. We want our customers to be entirely happy, or we will refund their money.

If you have a problem or issue with sound effects or music tracks that you have licensed from us, please contact us about this within 30 days after your purchase. We will first try to help you with your problem. Whether it's a rights related problem, a technical problem or whatever else, we will do our best to get you sorted out.

If we are unable to fix your problem, we ask you to send us a written statement (by email) saying that you have deleted the sound/music from your computer(s) and that you weren't able to use it, and a short explanation of the reason. We will then refund your money without quibble.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Three hot new CD-collections from this week

Hi all. We are happy to say that we have released three amazing new CD-collections of stock music / royalty free music this week:

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sneak peek: The new coming this year

Hi all. We are pretty excited to say that we are working on a new front-end design / layout for and here is a sneak peek of what our new site will look like.

Our existing users / customers will be pleased to see all the music searching and browsing tools that you've got used to over the years -- they are just being moved from the right-hand to the left-hand side of the page. Also still in place is a list of our latest track additions in the middle of the front page, and underneath, images of our latest 4 CD-collections.

The new design is primarily just a matter of visual presentation. All the old functionality is still there, and will work in pretty much the same way. It will just look a bit fresher and more up to date.

This is a work in progress and we hope to launch the new look in the next 3-4 months. It's hard to say exactly how long it will take, because we're doing the work while still maintaining our daily work schedules, customer support, music library development, music recording projects etc.

Anyway, we hope you like this preview of what the future will look like around here

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Plenty of "Edge" in two new CD-collections released today!

We don't normally post a Blog each time we release a new album of music, because we do that all the time and this whole Blog would turn into nothing but a constant stream of new album releases.

But today we've released two new albums and we feel that they deserve a special mention. The Edge, Vol. 13 and Dance Beat, Vol. 20: Progressive Tech are two amazing, hard hitting, cutting-edge, progressive electro house / tech / breakbeat / grime / dubstep influenced albums composed by Dmitri Belichenko, Wesley Devine, Chris Southward and Thomas Hogan. We mentioned Dmitri first, because he produced all the tracks on "Dance Beat Vol. 20" and about half of the ones on "The Edge Vol. 13).

Each one containing 11 main compositions, with several mixes, versions, lengths, edits and loops from each composition, to give you great options when editing this music to your own media.

What's so great about this music is not only that it has the punch, power, and authenticity to bring a whole new energy level to video productions, games, commercials, sports productions and much more, but also the way that the music often works on a principle of building, building, building, building, and then dropping with a massive beat, or to a cut-down, gritty, minimalistic, bare teeth type groove. These types of "build and drop" tracks lend themselves exceptionally well to editing the music to video productions, as you can quite easily make these builds and drops match the timing of your visuals - for a huge audio-visual impact. If you are a producer of edgy video, games, trailers, sports footage, or anything else that needs this type of audio content - you really need to check out these two amazing CD collections.

Remember that with all our CD-collections, each track is also available separately. If you only want to license one track and not the whole collection, you simply type the track title you want into the "quick search" box on our site and hit the search button. The track will come up in the search result, and you can license it from there.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

New phone number for USA/Canada callers

The new USA/Canada phone number for 347-918-3574.

We had to get rid of our old Toll-free number because we kept getting more and more "silent calls". Not calls from people trying to sell us stuff, or pre-recorded political messages. No sir. Just silence. Dead air. We asked around a bit what all these silent calls were about, and it turns out that there are people who are paid "per second spent on the phone with potential customers", who machine call hundreds of toll-free numbers and then just leave the line hanging.. because apparently this goes down as "time spent on the phone" and that's what they get paid for??

When the number of silent calls outnumbered actual human calls by about 5 to 1, we had to call it a day and scrap our old toll-free number. We now have a normal (New York) phone number: 347-918-3574 and will be happy to speak with customers and friends on that number. Thanks for listening!