Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mess FilmMakers film, shot with a cellphone

It's pretty cool what you can do these days, armed only with a cellphone, a lot of time and talent, and of course, access to a good quality stock music library and voiceover talents. :-)

Luis Mieses from Zaragoza, Spain - aka Mess FilmMakers - has produced two really cool trailers / short films. We think he shows a lot of talent as a film maker.

Pray For Dawn is made as a teaser/trailer for a mystery crime / thriller:

The Fixer is more of a short film, this is the one that was shot entirely on a cellphone camera:

In both films, provided the royalty-free music as well as all voice / voiceover acting.

It's fun to see our music and our voice over recordings used with such talent and gusto. Well done, Luis, and good luck with your carreer as a film maker!


  1. Good job in making a film using only a cellphone camera! That was really resourceful and creative. Looking forward to your future works!

  2. This is a direction Indie films have started to take. I'm excited to see what people come up with on their mobile phones Australia!