Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mess FilmMakers film, shot with a cellphone

It's pretty cool what you can do these days, armed only with a cellphone, a lot of time and talent, and of course, access to a good quality stock music library and voiceover talents. :-)

Luis Mieses from Zaragoza, Spain - aka Mess FilmMakers - has produced two really cool trailers / short films. We think he shows a lot of talent as a film maker.

Pray For Dawn is made as a teaser/trailer for a mystery crime / thriller:

The Fixer is more of a short film, this is the one that was shot entirely on a cellphone camera:

In both films, provided the royalty-free music as well as all voice / voiceover acting.

It's fun to see our music and our voice over recordings used with such talent and gusto. Well done, Luis, and good luck with your carreer as a film maker!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

New look track display with "Find Similar Tracks"

Hello folks,

About a month ago we launched our new, powerful music browsing tool. This weekend we are pretty pleased with ourselves again ;-) because we are unveiling our new style track display. The new track design can be seen by browsing or searching any music on our site, and it looks like the picture on the left, with the new black headings for track titles and new-look "play" buttons. We hope you like it! Besides looking a bit cleaner, it is also more optimized and streamlined than the old design, so track display pages should now load a bit faster.

The real improvement here, though, lies in the [Find Similar] link that you can find on the bottom frame of each track displayed. Clicking on this link brings up our powerful Advanced Browse too, pre-filled with details of the track you were looking at - such as: Music genre, tempo-feel, moods/emotions, prominent instruments and suggested production types. From here, you can either tweak the criteria as you wish, or you can simply hit that "Submit" button and a new "Advanced Browse" will take place that looks for tracks with similar configurations as the original track. This should give you a new track listing with a whole set of tracks that should pretty much match up with the track you were looking at first.

Play around with it! We think you'll like it. If you encounter any problems with it, be sure to let us know. And thanks for using!