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Saturday, January 3, 2015


New phone number for USA/Canada callers

The new USA/Canada phone number for 347-918-3574.

We had to get rid of our old Toll-free number because we kept getting more and more "silent calls". Not calls from people trying to sell us stuff, or pre-recorded political messages. No sir. Just silence. Dead air. We asked around a bit what all these silent calls were about, and it turns out that there are people who are paid "per second spent on the phone with potential customers", who machine call hundreds of toll-free numbers and then just leave the line hanging.. because apparently this goes down as "time spent on the phone" and that's what they get paid for??

When the number of silent calls outnumbered actual human calls by about 5 to 1, we had to call it a day and scrap our old toll-free number. We now have a normal (New York) phone number: 347-918-3574 and will be happy to speak with customers and friends on that number. Thanks for listening!

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Thursday, January 1, 2015


Amazing orchestral / cinematic music release: Fantasy Worlds Vol. 12: Great Adventures


At we would like to start off 2015 by announcing a fantastic new release; the music collection Fantasy Worlds Vol. 12: Great Adventures.

This wonderful collection features 14 cinematic tracks with a full orchestral sound, composed and produced exclusively for by award winning composer, Jason Cullimore (Canada). Through these 14 amazing tracks, Jason takes us to wonderful worlds and baffling discoveries. This music will go really well with family adventure movies, exploration and discovery of amazing places, adventure and fantasy games, and more.

As with all of our music collections, each track can also be licensed individually. Just search for each track title in the quick-search box on the site, and the track will come in the search result.

This music is available for immediate licensing, for royalty-free use in such projects as games and apps, TV and film, broadcasting and more.

Either way, we hope that you will enjoy this, our first release of 2015. Many more great tracks and albums to come. We have big plans for this year. :-)

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Friday, December 19, 2014


Pruning the catalogue - cleaning out some older tracks today

Hi all. We're doing a bit of Christmas cleaning. Today we're saying goodbye to the following older tracks. As always, rest assured that we're adding at least twice as much new music as we're removing older music, so our catalogue is still growing, even though we're pruning it a bit from time to time. Here are the tracks that we are de-listing today. If you need to license one of these tracks, please contact us.

  • A Night In Paris
  • Afrindia Drumfest
  • Afternight
  • Around The World
  • Bahia Blue
  • Band Of Gypsies
  • Beer Bottle Blues
  • Body Language
  • Bold Strategies
  • Bollywood Bounce
  • Bouncing Sound
  • Break Trance
  • By The River
  • Calling Houston
  • Celestial Spirit
  • Chicken Boogie
  • Child Of Calcutta
  • Cruise Control (ZiS)
  • Dance Of Life
  • Deep Blue
  • Deep Echo
  • Deep India
  • Deep Indigo
  • Deep Sorrow
  • Down Home Funk
  • Dreaming Fields
  • Drifting Along
  • Easy Midnight
  • El Salvador
  • Ethetes
  • Extensive Research
  • Form And Function
  • Friend Or Funk
  • Funk Delight
  • Funk Proof
  • Funktastic
  • Gentle Rain
  • Groove Digger
  • Hard Power
  • Hearts And Minds
  • High Noon Showdown
  • Himalayan Passage
  • Humble Beginnings
  • India Crossing
  • Innertech
  • Invitation
  • Joyous Jewel
  • Last Minute
  • Latin Kiss
  • Latin Lament
  • Lifestyles (D Saric)
  • Lights Out
  • Like Minds
  • Love Song (D Saric)
  • Lovers Touch
  • Malibu Bingo
  • Meet the Beat (ZiS)
  • Mirrorball
  • Mmm Hmm Oh Yeah
  • Morning Sunlight
  • My Arabian Girl
  • My Blue Truck
  • New Commerce
  • No Going Back
  • Noble
  • On Schedule
  • On The Strip
  • Oudo Flutu
  • Outside In
  • Punjabi Wedding
  • Rasta Africa
  • Reaching the Stars - D Saric
  • Rebirth (D Saric)
  • Relaxed Suit
  • Reverberation
  • Road to Nashville (ZiS)
  • Romantic Sonata
  • Roughneck Strut
  • Russian Hoedown
  • Said & Done
  • Searching - D Saric
  • Second Date
  • Secret Moment
  • Secrets Of India
  • Sitar Meditation
  • Sitar Star
  • Sitcom Samba
  • Skys The Limit (Zis)
  • Slide
  • Smiling
  • Sock It To Ya
  • Soul Breakfast
  • Spooky
  • Stay On Track
  • Stratosphere - D Saric
  • Streethopper
  • Summer Dream
  • Sunrise in the Sahara
  • Sunshine (D Saric)
  • Sweet Snarl
  • Sweet Sunday
  • Tabla Manners
  • Techno Mash-Up
  • The Corporate World
  • The Sneak
  • The Storm (ZiS)
  • The Winner
  • Tiki Party
  • Tomorrows Endeavors
  • Unified Theory
  • Up And Coming
  • Waltz For Josie
  • Week Review
  • World Beat Jam
  • You Cant Keep Me Down

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014


New article published today "Music for the Boxset Generation"

Hi all, just a quick note to say that we published a new Article in our articles area today; "Music for the Boxset Generation", written by composer, producer and music editor, Simon Power. Here's a link to it - hope you enjoy.

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Thursday, November 20, 2014


Country music focus at

There is never a bad day for a bit of country music and at we are lucky and privileged to be able to work with some fine country artists, making their music available to license for for Apps and Games, TV and Commercials, Videos and Internet etc. We have just been adding some new country music to the site today, and at the time of writing, we have a catalog of:

* 91 Vocal country tracks:
* 332 Instrumental country tracks:

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